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Jeremy Redhawk

The Redhawk Studio

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He began his tattooing career in 2000. He was taught and mentored by Larry Shaw in Houston, Texas, who taught him everything he knows about machines and tattooing. His personal style is inspired by tribal and geometric tattooing. He sees tattooing as an intuitive and empathic expression of each individual, channeled through the tattoo artist. He has a private studio in East Downtown Houston where he works by appointment.


About the Artist

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Here is one of my favorite backpieces.  This was the second session.  This is a work-in-progress.  I like sharing the process.This was a first tattoo.  We might shade it. She pretty mich gabe me free-reign to create something for her.  I am very pleased with the outcome.I had the pleasure of continuing this leg piece the other day. This was a first tattoo. I really enjoy doing stippling and patterns.
Here’s a great filler I did last year to complete a Kali sleeve.  I will add very soon the rest of the sleeve.  This was the first side of Nic’s leg.  I’m very grateful he tristed me to do his entire legBrian contacted me and gave me an idea and said do something.  I domt do a whole lot of color, but when I do I truly love it.Here’s another shot of Nic’s leg.I do also love doing animals. Here’s my favorite owl. Here’s a sweet geometric leg piece.
JRJeremy Redhawk
Jeremy Redhawk