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Jethro Wood

Sang Bleu London

This week


Jethro is loved for his Neo Trad style, winning awards around the world. He learnt his craft from a traditional apprenticeship and has been slinging tats for over a decade. When not tattooing, he loves hardcore shows and ice cold plunges!



Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:150 GBP
About the Artist

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Experience the fusion of traditional Japanese art with modern neo-traditional style in this stunning lower leg tattoo by Jethro Wood.An illustrative Japanese demon tattoo with intricate horns on the forearm by Jethro Wood.Experience the fierce beauty of a neo-traditional snake and tiger design by Jethro Wood, featuring a dagger dripping with blood. Perfect for those who crave bold and intricate body art.A striking tattoo by Jethro Wood featuring a hannya mask with intricate details, charms, ropes, and horns in a neo-traditional style.Beautiful forearm tattoo by Jethro Wood featuring a sea, ocean, flower, and ship motif in a stunning neo-traditional style.A haunting design by Jethro Wood featuring a bat, bird, dagger, knife, and blood. Perfect for chest placement.An illustrative blackwork skull tattoo on the arm, expertly done by tattoo artist Jethro Wood. A bold and striking piece of art.Detailed neo traditional snake tattoo design by the talented artist Jethro Wood, combining classic and modern illustrative styles.Capture the essence of your loyal companion with this stunning illustrative tattoo by Jethro Wood.Capture the guiding light of a neo-traditional lighthouse tattoo by the talented artist Jethro Wood. Embrace the timeless beauty and symbolism of this maritime motif.Get inked with this stunning illustrative tattoo featuring a sword and kitsune design by Jethro Wood. Perfect for anime fans!Intricate Japanese style tattoo on lower leg featuring a dagger, hannya mask, knife, horns, and rope design. Done by the talented artist Jethro Wood.
Embrace the fusion of traditional and modern art with this stunning lower leg tattoo by renowned artist Jethro Wood.Experience the ancient folklore with this stunning fusion of Japanese and neo-traditional styles by Jethro Wood.Detailed traditional tattoo design depicting a snake and man by artist Jethro Wood. Perfect for knee placement.Vibrant neo-traditional forearm tattoo by Jethro Wood featuring a fierce panther, delicate flower, sinister dagger, and splashes of blood.Bold and eye-catching neo-traditional claw tattoo by Jethro Wood, perfect for lower leg placement.Capture the mystical energy with this neo traditional upper arm tattoo featuring a sun, horse, flower, hand, card, gipsy, ring, and tarot motifs. By artist Jethro Wood.A stunning Japanese Raijin tattoo expertly designed by Jethro Wood, showcasing the powerful god of thunder and lightning on the upper arm.A striking blackwork tattoo featuring an armored warrior with helmet on forearm. By Jethro Wood.Get a timeless piece with this traditional swallow design by renowned artist Jethro Wood. Perfect for those who appreciate classic tattoo styles.Beautiful neo-traditional tattoo featuring a cactus and vase, created by the talented artist Jethro Wood.Experience stunning illustrative art with a mesmerizing snake motif by the talented artist Jethro Wood.Admire Jethro Wood's masterpiece on upper arm featuring a man with a moustache and a bloodied flower boxing motif.
JWJethro Wood
Jethro Wood