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Keng Tattoo

Keng Tattoo

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Bio Keng Tattoo has some of Thailand’s most modern and professional tattoo shops, where all our equipment is certified and recognised. We perform our work in Phuket, in the town of Kata and Patong. We specialise is ALL forms of professional tattoo art, with cleanliness and hygiene as a first priority, and that it is the customer who decides and the tattoo artist who performs the professional work to our customers’ satisfaction. Keng tattoo has been around for 9 years in the city of Kata and have now with great satisfaction and joy, made a partnership with our DANISH Cooperation partner and extended with another Keng tattoo shop in the town of Patong. All our tattoo artists are very professional with many years of experience. One of our artists (Keng) has tattooed for 17 years and at the same time over the years won a lot of awards at tattoo conventions throughout Thailand. He won 1st place in 2016 and 2017, and 2018 we were in convention in Sweden and Denmark and we won first and second prize. we have a really amazing team will deliver high-quality work Everyone is welcome to come by and get a free consultation with one of our friendly staff


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Japanese full leg Tattoo... Price 2000$ 3-4 full day sessions. Done by Mr. MaekHalf sleeve tattoo... one off design by Keng Tattoo Studio... price 800$Done by Mr. MaekMr. MaekDesign in Keng Tattoo Studio... price 450$ Done by Mr. OilMr. MaekDesign in Keng Tattoo Studio... price 500$ Done by Mr. MaekMr. JingMr. JingThe shop
Half back Tattoo in colors, design by Keng Tattoo Studio... price 1000$ Done by Mr. MaekMr. MaekOne off design for the costume made by Keng Tattoo Studio... Price 350$ Done by Mr. JingMr. OilMr. MaekMr. JingMr. Oil Mr. Jing
KTKeng Tattoo
Keng Tattoo