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B. Forward

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I have a background in drawing, been doing it since I was a kid. My dad was an artist too. When I was a baby, he would teach art at the local YMCA here in Houston and when he couldn't find a sitter, he'd just bring me along, put me on a giant sheet of paper with crayons, markers, or whatever and let me have at it. I've been on it ever since... I started tatting while in prison. The first tattoo I ever done was with a pick on my cellmate. I put his gang affiliation across his knuckles. Picking is a long and boring process but it opened my eyes to a new style of art for me, something beyond the paper. But at first, I wasnt interested. Everyone really liked my artwork. All original drawings all the time. it made me pretty popular with the tattoo artists in prison because they could send a customer to me and I could draw whatever they thought of then go to them to get their work done. Everyone would be like "Money B, why you not tatting? You got it!!" and I'd be like "nah" cuz I was making good money drawing patterns and doing portraits. Then one day I ended up getting a celly that was a good tattoo artist. I paid attention to what he was doing and was like "fuck it" so I tried it one day. That was way back in what...2005. It's 2019 (4th of July to be exact) that I'm sharing this with yall and I've been on it ever since.


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BFB. Forward
B. Forward