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Iron & Ink

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Kotaro is a Japanese fashion designer and tattoo artist. He is specializing in oriental, Japanese traditional and neo-traditional tattoo styles. He is a resident at Iron&Ink in LA.


About the Artist

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Transform your back into a work of art with Kotaro's intricate blackwork design featuring traditional Japanese motifs and kanji characters.Blackwork moth tattoo elegantly designed by Kotaro, perfect for arm placement.Vibrant neo-traditional lower leg tattoo featuring a fierce lioness surrounded by beautiful flowers, skillfully done by Kotaro.Elegant blackwork flower tattoo on shoulder by the talented artist Kotaro, blending artistry with bold design.Get a unique blackwork seal tattoo on your forearm by Kotaro for a bold and captivating look.Get a stunning blackwork tattoo of a dog and tree on your forearm by the talented artist Kotaro.Illustrative neo traditional tattoo of a dog by Kotaro, beautifully placed on the lower leg. A timeless piece for dog lovers.Unique blackwork and fine line illustrative design by Kotaro, featuring a skull with horns and a woman's portrait on the forearm.Elegant illustrative tattoo featuring a moon, mountain, tree, and flower design on the ankle. Perfect for nature lovers seeking a touch of celestial beauty.Elegant and bold illustrative peony flower tattoo by Kotaro, perfect for upper arm placement.
Get a stunning illustrative koi fish tattoo on your arm by the talented artist Kotaro. Embrace the beauty and symbolism of this traditional Japanese design.Immerse yourself in the power and beauty of a Japanese dragon with this stunning back tattoo by the talented artist Kotaro.Stunning realistic whale tattoo on upper arm by the talented artist Kotaro. The intricate details and shading bring this majestic creature to life.Immerse yourself in the beauty of Kotaro's blackwork masterpiece featuring a fierce tiger and delicate flower on your back.Experience the beauty of Japanese kanji art with this illustrative backpiece tattoo by the talented artist Kotaro.Get fierce with this illustrative dragon tattoo on your chest, crafted by the talented artist Kotaro.Experience the power and beauty of a traditional Japanese dragon motif expertly crafted by tattoo artist Kotaro on your sleeve.Blackwork forearm tattoo featuring a meaningful kanji quote elegantly done by tattoo artist Kotaro.Bold blackwork design featuring a beautiful pattern and Japanese kanji characters by talented artist Kotaro.Unique blackwork design featuring a hand motif on the upper arm, expertly executed by tattoo artist Kotaro.A stunning blackwork tree tattoo on the upper arm, done in the illustrative style by artist Kotaro.Experience the beauty of Japanese art with a mesmerizing dragon and flower design by the talented Kotaro. Perfect for your upper arm!