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Matty Magee

The Blue Tattoo

Next week


Matty specialises in fine-line black & grey tattoos and ornamental pattern work that are styles he has developed into his own throughout his career. Fine, bold, classy pieces applied with love and consideration is the name of the game with Matty.


Hour rate:110 GBP
Min. rate:70 GBP
About the Artist

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Buddha eyes Shoulder ornaments Stunning forearm tattoo by Matty Magee combining classic motifs in a modern style.Get a striking black and gray snake tattoo by artist Matty Magee, blending traditional and modern styles seamlessly.fine line letter on finger black tribal band line line butterfly and ornaments Intricate black and gray design by Matty Magee featuring a stunning rose and delicate leaf motif on the flames on hand Small lettering black and gray tattoo of a delicate rose intertwined with a chain by renowned artist Matty Magee.line work sun on sternum dotwork star on the back of the neck
Chest ornaments Unique blackwork design of sacred heart by Matty Magee, blending tradition with modern style.Sternum ornaments ornamental pattern workfine line cherries golden ratio concept solid black omfine line face tribal band around wrist This black and gray fine line tattoo of a beautiful rose on the forearm is a stunning and sophisticated choice for body art. Created by the talented Matty Magee.fine line colour and black and grey flowerfine line rose and spider
MMMatty Magee
Matty Magee