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Max Rodriguez

Miami Ink - Love Hate Tattoos

Next week


Max is a multi-talented tattoo artist with a style that pops on any canvas! He's a great fit for those looking for bold, colorful, and lasting tattoos.



Hour rate:250 USD
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Experience the buzz with this vibrant new school queen bee design, expertly executed by tattoo artist Max Rodriguez on the upper leg.Admire the intricate details of this sloth tattoo by Max Rodriguez, combining new school and realism styles on your upper leg.Fire horse 🔥New school coils tattoo machine Stunning realism meets illustrative style in this Max Rodriguez masterpiece featuring a dog and flower motif on the upper arm.Get a vibrant and dynamic neo-traditional phoenix tattoo on your upper arm by the talented artist Max Rodriguez.Vibrant new-school design featuring a bold and dynamic dragon motif, expertly executed by Max Rodriguez.Traditional Japanese style tattoo of a snake and dagger on upper arm by tattoo artist Max Rodriguez.Hannya 🔥Experience the power and protection of the mythical foo dog with this stunning illustrative tattoo by Max Rodriguez on your hand.Capture the beauty and darkness with this illustrative upper arm tattoo by Max Rodriguez.Rose 🌹
Roar with pride with this detailed lion tattoo on the chest, crafted by the skilled hands of Max Rodriguez.Neo-traditional dragon tattoo on lower leg, beautifully designed by Max Rodriguez.Blue rose✨New school Lion Chef 🙌Color lioness ✨Neo-traditional dragon design on the arm, expertly done by renowned tattoo artist Max Rodriguez.Max Rodriguez's stunning upper arm tattoo featuring a bold traditional design with elements of sun, mountain, flower, and heart.Max Rodriguez's blackwork illustrative design features a striking phoenix feather motif on the forearm.A unique forearm tattoo featuring a bicycle, houses, and a bridge, beautifully illustrated by Max Rodriguez.Lioness✨Max Rodriguez's stunning neo-traditional tattoo features a charming rabbit, sly fox, and delicate flower motif on the back.Collab tattoo with Luis Bonilla
MRMax Rodriguez
Max Rodriguez