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NLNina Lovecrow

Nina Lovecrow

Sepúlveda Tattoos

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To book or start any and all Tattoo Appointments/Tattoo Designs, future client MUST BE AT LEAST 18 years old & requires a cash deposit or Zelle. Only until a DEPOSIT has been submitted will TATTOO ARTIST start my tattoo design or book any appointments. DEPOSIT amount is determined by the TATTOO ARTIST. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. DEPOSIT amount goes towards the total cost of the TATTOO and start tattoo design. ***************************************** The TATTOO ARTIST OWNS ALL RIGHTS TO THE DESIGN/DRAWING. The TATTOO ARTIST is not obligated to release the DESIGN/DRAWING. *Custom/Original Designs: This includes, tattoo artist “altering, changing some details, giving it a twist”, or any other adjustments to pictures send as references* CANCELLATIONS/NO-CALL/NO-SHOWS/RESCHEDULING: • Any and all cancelation/reschedules must be made 48 hrs prior to the scheduled TATTOO APPOINTMENT. By doing this I am able to transfer my DEPOSIT amount to another scheduled TATTOO APPOINTMENT that is WITHIN 30 Days of the prior agreed TATTOO APPOINTMENT, unless otherwise specified. Cancelations/Reschedules NOT made 48 hrs prior to the scheduled TATTOO APPOINTED will result in COMPLETE FORFEITURE OF THE TOTAL DEPOSIT AMOUNT. No-Call/No-Shows will result in COMPLETE FORFEITURE OF THE TOTAL DEPOSIT AMOUNT. Complete Cancelation will result in loss of the TATTOO DESIGN. TATTOO INQUIRY Detailed description of tattoo request. Send over any picture or drawing references. Area where would you like to get the tattoo. Size of tattoo. Please use inches as a unit of measurement. Best days & time for you to get tattooed. Be deposit ready I take Cash & Zelle. Thank you!



Old School (Traditional)
Black & Gray
Dark Art
Japanese (Irezumi)
New School
Trash Polka Style


Hour rate:100 USD
Min. rate:100 USD
About the Artist

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My chemical romance tattoo finally ✨Pokémon half sleeve Red 🐉 Black 🐲 Brushstrokes script watercolor sparrow Some peonies Pokémon sleeve !!!! Outline part ☝🏽
Chibi Black Cat Love script tattoos!
Birthday tattoo 🥳Mini ♋️ Color tattoos!
The spider & the butterfly 🦋 K ✂️No filter required Messy script style Phoenix squadron - black and grey watercolor style 👽🛸The giving tree 🌳 Memorial tattoo: Dragon Kuzco! Something Orange 🍊 Book themed tattoos Medusa - Sternum
NLNina Lovecrow
Nina Lovecrow