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SASean Ambrose

Sean Ambrose

Arrows And Embers Tattoo

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Alive and amplified!✨ Owner of Arrows and Embers Tattoo in Concord, NH. For inquiries, please fill out the form on website,



Black & Gray
Dark Art
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Space dandies✨Saint Michael half sleeve, black and gray/grey. This is a popular and iconic tattoo. I’d totally be down to do another demon-slaying tattoo, and if you want something less popular/something custom, we could do something really badass. Email me, let me know. 🔥🔥🔥Space, time, order, and chaos back piece. Sorry for the cropped image-check out my Instagram (@Sean_Embers) for the full photo!Neuron eye tattoo! Eyeball tattoos are always fun, and neuron paths just make them all the more fun. Always outer space and galaxy tattoos. Always, always, always. You might ask me, “will you Tattoo some badass nebula shit on me?” I will never say, “nah.” LETS DO IT.Watercolor turtle! I do take on smaller projects, too.😎 Thank you for looking!Super colorful butterfly, campfire memorial tattoo. One of my favorites to date!Realistic eye tattoo! Love some dark black and gray work!!Got this horror chest piece going...! #lsoh #littleshop #littleshopofhorrors #horror #rhps #rockyhorrorpictureshow #music #musicislifeThe dream ride: a perfect day. #landscapetattoo #joyride #motorcycleview #motorcycletattoo #motorcycle #tattoowithaviewClock tower lightning piece! Love projects like this!What chu know about a DRAGON BATTLE ?! 💥💥💥
Odin, the Allfather, and Viking warrior sleeve, all finished! Black and gray/grey, I’d love to do a cool Valkyrie piece too-get at me if we’ve got the same goals!🔥Skull chieftain with Native American headdress tattoo I finished up the other day! You can never go wrong with a skull or headdress-if you’ve got both in one piece, you’re doing something right.☠️ Hourglass, skull, sands of time-we’re all dying. Hey-get a tattoo before you’re out of time! 🤘Feelin’ wolfy 🐺Wood Duck tattoo for a great client. Hey, sometimes your spirit animal is what it is. 😂👍Watercolor lion portrait tattoo. 🦁Sunrise skier tattoo! #skitheeast I love projects like this-if you’ve got an idea like this, I’m your guy.Realistic family coat of arms tattoo!Really enjoyed this watercolor pineapple tattoo!Progress update on this flower mandala sleeve! In my dreams I see the connections...Floral clockwork tattoo
SASean Ambrose
Sean Ambrose