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born and Raised in Baton Rouge LA, 20 year art journey started there. I trained with Jackie Gresham. My passion is real, I love portraits, black and grey, positive energy is a must, the bigger the better, love to work with darker tones but work well with all. hand strength very light to medium. Clients are a great way for me to meet people. I like making tattoos very personal. my firts tattoo bio



Black & Gray
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Favorite client allowed me to select art by my fav artist. 400$ 6 hoursFreehsnd Ganesha, 250$ 3.5 hoursYin & yang Koi fish
Thanks for a great Friday the 13th. See you guys next timeLukes starfish stipling. 200$ 1 hourColor hubble leaf, 200$ 2 hours
How beautiful🥰Mermaids, a rare but special ocassion
Thank you for saving my pics but please follow and like...Ganesha... this is a special one to my heart.
Tribute to African snd hiphop culture 600$ 7 hoursFreehand Character 200$ 2.5 hours
Freehand Elephant on back 500$ 6 hoursI love you girl... my favo
Thank you for looking at my page, trying to change my stats. If you like my pics or save my original pieces at least follow. People are saving my art but won’t even like or follow. Freehand half sleeve 300$ 4 hoursFreehand feather 180$ 3 hours