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Sofia has been tattooing since 2019 and is a resident at Iron&Ink in Aarhus, but will be guesting at the LA location towards the end of summer. The styles she specializes in are neo-traditional and blackwork.
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Experience Sofia's exquisite artistry with this neo-traditional tattoo featuring a bewitching medusa and serpent design on your upper leg.Experience Sofia's intricate blackwork style with a haunting skull, grim reaper, and scythe design on your forearm.Get inked with this fierce and radiant tattoo on your lower leg by Sofia, featuring a vibrant sun, powerful leopard, and sharp dagger in neo-traditional style.Illustrative forearm tattoo by Sofia featuring a striking wolf, intricately designed sword, and lucky dice in vibrant watercolor style.Beautiful blackwork octopus tattoo on shoulder, done by the talented artist Sofia. Add a touch of mystery and sophistication to your body with this unique design.Exquisite arm tattoo featuring a blooming flower, heart, key, and personalized name, designed by the talented artist Sofia.Get fierce with this blackwork panther design on your lower leg by talented artist Sofia.Adorn your forearm with Sofia's bold blackwork snake design, combining lettering and illustrative elements for a unique tattoo experience.Elegant neo-traditional illustration by Sofia, featuring a powerful female figure and intricate floral details on the upper leg.Capture the beauty of the sea with this intricate blackwork shell tattoo on your forearm, designed by Sofia.Get a striking blackwork tattoo on your forearm featuring a skull entwined with a leaf, beautifully illustrated by Sofia.Elegant blackwork tattoo of a snake intertwining with a skull, beautifully illustrated by Sofia.
Beautifully detailed tattoo by Sofia featuring an hourglass, leaf, and sand elements, perfect for a unique and meaningful design.Experience Sofia's bold blackwork style as she brings this illustrative moth design to life on your upper leg.Get a stunning illustrative flower tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Sofia. This beautiful design is sure to make a statement and add a touch of elegance to your body art.A stunning illustrative tattoo on the forearm by Sofia, combining elements of fire and wood for a striking and unique design.Beautiful illustrative flower design by Sofia, perfect for upper arm placementA stunning blackwork and illustrative tattoo of a moon and cat on the stomach, expertly done by Sofia.Sofia beautifully combines a chrysanthemum flower and elegant heron in this detailed illustrative forearm tattoo.Sofia's blackwork tattoo design of a beautiful flower and leaf on the foot combines elegance and natural beauty.Get a stunning blackwork gohan tattoo on your upper arm by the talented artist Sofia. Perfect for Dragon Ball Z fans!Elegant blackwork tattoo of a bird, flower, and vase on ribs by Sofia, combining nature and artistry beautifully.A striking illustrative tattoo on the upper arm featuring an axe-wielding man with a beard, beautifully done by Sofia.Admire the elegance of this illustrative heron tattoo on your back, created by the talented artist Sofia.