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Soheyl Astangi

Under the Needle

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Soheyl is part of a London based private studio with an appointment only access to insure the highest level of attention to each client. Soheyl specializes in custom tattoos and covers a range of genres and styles including black & grey, realism, geometric and fine line.


Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:60 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Black and gray forearm tattoo by Soheyl Astangi featuring a detailed snake intertwined with a mesmerizing eye and eyeball.Adorn your shin with stunning ornamental patterns by Soheyl Astangi for a unique and intricate tattoo design.Stunning black and gray forearm tattoo featuring a detailed wolf, fence, and piercing eyes. By Soheyl Astangi.Capture the strength and bravery of a soldier with a fierce wolf in stunning black and gray realism by Soheyl Astangi.Incredible blackwork design featuring a realistic portrayal of Jesus and a woman on the lower leg by Soheyl Astangi.Realistic lower leg tattoo featuring a cross, Jesus, and a meaningful quote, by Soheyl Astangi.Vibrant tattoo by Soheyl Astangi featuring a stunning combination of a river, waterfall, and intricate flower design on the forearm.A powerful black and gray micro-realism chest tattoo by Soheyl Astangi featuring a knight, a sword, and a woman's portrait.Stunning black and gray upper arm tattoo of a woman and money, expertly done by Soheyl AstangiSoheyl Astangi's intricate sleeve tattoo featuring a majestic raven, powerful eagle, and stunning pattern design.Experience the elegance of ballet with this stunning black and gray floral tattoo on your lower leg. Soheyl Astangi's illustrative realism brings a beautiful woman dancer to life.Beautifully detailed upper back tattoo by Soheyl Astangi featuring a heart, hamsa, and hand motifs.
Explore the intricate beauty of this black and gray ornamental tattoo featuring a snake with flickering tongue, by artist Soheyl Astangi.Elegant patterns and ornaments by tattoo artist Soheyl Astangi on lower leg. A stunning and intricate design.Experience the beauty of nature with this stunning black and gray tattoo featuring a realistic leopard and delicate rose on your lower leg. By tattoo artist Soheyl Astangi.Elegant black & gray micro-realism forearm tattoo by Soheyl Astangi captures a mythical angelic statue in surreal detail.Blackwork style bat tattoo on lower leg by Soheyl Astangi, combining elements of Batman and micro realism.Immerse yourself in the world of Japanese culture with this striking tattoo featuring a samurai and katana, meticulously designed by Soheyl Astangi.Incredible black and gray tattoo by Soheyl Astangi, featuring a detailed eye and clock design on the upper arm.Capture the fierce beauty of an eagle with this striking black and gray tattoo on your upper arm. By talented artist Soheyl Astangi.Get a stunning half sleeve tattoo featuring a beautiful rose and mesmerizing eye, created by the talented Soheyl Astangi.Intricately detailed blackwork eagle and ornamental pattern design by Soheyl Astangi, perfect for the forearm.A stunning floral and realistic swan tattoo by Soheyl Astangi, elegantly placed on the upper leg
SASoheyl Astangi
Soheyl Astangi