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K-ink Tattoo Studio

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Jones is the creator and founder of K-ink Tattoo studio. He is a self taught artist that started back in 2013. Besides working in Copenhagen, he has guested in shops in New York, California, Hawaii, Greenland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, England, Israel and more.


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Native girl#nativeamericantattoo #nativegirl #kinktattoostudio #tattoosleeve #tattoogirlImpressive upper arm tattoo by artist Jones blending realism and illustrative blackwork styles.A beautiful black and gray tattoo on the lower leg featuring a girl with small lettering quote artfully done by Jones.Incredible blackwork realism tattoo on lower leg by Jones, featuring a soldier, gun, and buildings in an illustrative style.Oldschool traditional tat sleeve in the making by jones #traditional #oldschool Bronson #bronsontattoo #stronman #fitness #tattooFamily first #family #familía #13 #luckynumber13 #13tattoo #clean #fineline #perfect #ink #inked #tattoosCapture the beauty of realism with this black and gray sleeve tattoo featuring a man and architectural elements. By talented artist Jones.One man wolfpack Had the pleasure of starting this halfsleeve. This took around 6,5 hours to do and was done with Dynamic black My own mix blend of 5 tones 0803 RL 1013 CM Loser/Lover/Lion Had the honor of adding this Fineline lion into a scared passed. This is not a cover of old scars but an add-on Tattoo was done with a single liner and took under 1 hour to do
Unique forearm tattoo by Jones featuring a heart, joker, card, and casino quote in a mix of blackwork, fine line, and realism styles.Impressive blackwork tattoo of a fierce tiger surrounded by intricate leaves, created by the talented artist Jones.Get a stunning black and gray sleeve tattoo featuring a man merging into an eagle, expertly done by artist Jones.Unique upper arm tattoo featuring a realistic blackwork horse with tree and hand elements, along with an American flag and meaningful quote by Jones.#freehand #maui #polynesian #polynesiantattoo Vibrant new school style tattoo featuring iconic transformers characters by the talented artist Jones.#sharingan #narutotattoo work by Jones Lady muerte / chicano Jones style... #chicanogirl #ladymuerte #tattoochickKiddo Balance Rafiki #lionking #lionkingtattoo #rafikitattoo #tattoooftheday Jones' blackwork tattoo featuring a woman with a delicate feather design on the upper arm.#virginmary #goddess #mary #chosenone