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I'm Kyra or Ky and I'm a Tattoo apprentice from Melbourne Australia!
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Fun at work 😊Me tattooing my own leg! 😋First tattoo i ever did and its on me ☺️Sibling fun 😂❤️Spiral script on my thigh! Hopsin ill mind 7 👊🏼My whole spine and ear my first semi big sittings 😊🖖🏼Mandala on my foot done by myself on myself 😋The start of my bros thigh a pirate piece! Got bored and tattooed one of my favs on my leg 😋Om symbol and dots for fun done by myself on myself 😋Small rose i did myself on myself haha one of my personal favourites ☺️Moon transitions! Got to love circles 😉
Todays hands Small script on a thigh done today!Script in a heartbeat i did the other day ☺️rib piece.Photo i found of me getting my spine done! 🙃Typewritter script small and fun! Quote- hitchhikers quide to the galaxy 🌛My spine and arm newest addition 2 birds designed by myself for the mum and bro! ❤️ shit photo*Loyalty and respect! Space fillers for the hands 😊The boss tattooing my medusa design on my thigh! 😊Zelda script from a few weeks ago 👌🏼MJ tattoo on the wrist! Had dun with this one 😊Om symbol i did a few weeks ago! (Exsisting tattoos not by me) Gemini symbol!