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This is the official Tattoodo Support account for artists. We are here to help you out. Click on the uploads to find out more. If you need any help at all please contact
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

In order to reach and connect with new clients, we require that your completed profile has been verified by a member of our team. 
Why We Verify: For the safety and security of clients being contacted on the platform, we require artists are qualified and work from a legitimate studio that meets health and safety standards. 
Social Links & Workplace: By connecting your online portfolio and accurate studio information, it makes it easier for us to review your tattoo portfolio, clarify who you are, and where you work.
Still Learning?: No problem. 😊 Unverified profiles are still free to explore the platform but are hidden, and not able to engage in walk-ins. They can also still gain access to exclusive features such as Art Classes and Perks. 
You must have a profile completed with all requirements for verification review. Any questions reach out to 
#tattoodosupport #support #help #tattoodoapp #verification #whyweverifyWe are consistently working hard to update the platform based on your feedback. Make sure when they are available, to update your app ASAP. That way, you'll have access to all of our latest features and fixes! 
#tattoodosupport #support #help #tattoodoapp #updateGot all you could out of Pro? It's easy to unsubscribe. However, you need to unsubscribe the way you signed up: 
Apple purchase: 
1. Go to your phone settings 
2. Tap iTunes & App Store 
3. Tap Apple ID and view it 
4. Go to purchase history and select “Tattoodo” 
Google PlayStore purchase: 
1. Go to your profile 
2. Tap “Settings” 
3. Tap "Manage your subscription" 
4. Unsubscribe from the PlayStore subscription manager. 
Credit card purchase: 
1. Sign in on our website 
2. Go to your profile dashboard in the top right corner 
3. Go to 'Settings' 
4. Under 'Plan & Payment' you can manage your subscription 
#tattoodosupport #support #help #artists #pro #cancelsubscriptionKeeping your portfolio fresh and up-to-date will help clients gain trust from your profile.  Uploading images is a piece of cake!: 
1. Head to your profile. 
2. Select upload ideas. 
3. Select the image you want to upload from your camera roll. 
4. Write a description for the image (make sure to include hashtags so people can find it when they are exploring the app.) 
5. Tag yourself and your studio in the image. 
6. Hit upload now. 
Please note: If you want to upload several images at once, our system uploads in chronological order, so make sure to put your favourite images last so that is the first image that clients see! #tattoodosupport #support #help #uploads #artistsSome clients need more guidance than others, so it's best to have a conversation to gauge this before anything else. The more personal your response, the more likely you can build rapport with your potential client and ultimately get them through your door! #tattoodosupport #support #help #artists #tattoodoleads
By being apart of the Tattoodo community, there are expectations in the way you treat each other, clients and artists alike. 
A few things to remember: 
1. Be kind and respect one another. 
2. Listen to the advice of your artist. 
3. Refrain from posting inappropriate/explicit content on the platform.
#tattoodosupport #support #help #etiquette #tattoodoleads #bookingsIf you have any questions in regards to your profile, the Tattoodo app, or tattoos in general; you are always welcome to write us at We're always happy to help you out 😀
#tattoodosupport #support #help #appsupportWe require our artists to link their studio to their profile to ensure health & safety guidelines are being met. Having your studio connected does not only show you're a professional artist, but also helps to give clients a clear idea of your location. 
1. Head to your profile. 
2. Add workplace. 
3. Search the studios listed on Tattoodo. 
4. Select your studio or create new studio. 
5. Hit done. 
Please note: You can also include multiple studios and guest spots by selecting 'Add.' 
#tattoodosupport #support #help #artists #studios #workplace #guestartistsIf you are ready to schedule an appointment with a client, it's best to take a deposit for the booking. By requesting a deposit in app, this ensures you have both a comitted customer and that the payment has been made securely. You can request this in your conversation with the client. 
1. Open message conversation. 
2. Select Deposit icon at bottom of the screen. 
3. Enter the amount and currency you wish to request. 
4. Add any important T&C's in notes. 
5. Hit send request. 
#tattoodosupport #support #help #artists #depositsGetting a tattoo is a big commitment and there are several reasons why clients can get cold feet. Whether this comes down to price, availability, location, or another artist getting in first; don't let this get you disheartened. The more active you are on the app, the more likely you are to lock in clients, so make sure to regularly check and respond to the new walk-in's in your area. #tattoodosupport #support #help #artists #pro #bookings