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DKDiino Kelepouris

Diino Kelepouris

The 3 Angels Tattoo & Nails

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tattoo artist, & fixer 8 years experience



Old School (Traditional)
Black & Gray
New School
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Finger & thumb tattoo Roman numerals,  wedding date Pink butterfly, shaded lillys, half leg sleeveRose, clouds shading half sleeve Lion mandala & geo metric design Not finished yet Edwardian script font Got abit bored and tattooed me fingers, horrible place Tribal sleeve
Cover up, Dark roses shadingGood bye & good riddance,  neck tattooBike life , hand tattoo, caligraphy fontRose, cross rosary beads, clouds shading His and hers elephant hand tattooLotus mandalaThumb rose, Roman numberals
DKDiino Kelepouris
Diino Kelepouris