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Victor martin

Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos

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Influenced by art nouveau and neo-traditional, Victor's specialty is black & grey illustrative. He currently is a resident artist out of Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos in London.



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Snake skullExquisite fine line sword design by Victor Martin, perfect for adding a touch of strength and elegance to your ribcage.Explore the intricate blackwork design by Victor Martin, featuring a stunning geometric circle pattern on the side of the face.Get revved up with this stunning car tattoo on your forearm, expertly crafted by the talented artist Victor Martin. Show off your love for cars in style!Get inked by Victor Martin with a unique black & gray design featuring a rat and a vase on your forearm.Victor Martin's intricate design combines a skull and a woman in a bold neo traditional style on the lower leg.Elegant fine line tattoo on the upper leg featuring a sun and moon motif by Victor Martin.Capture the power of the sun with this stunning black and gray upper back tattoo by acclaimed artist Victor Martin.Get a bold and vibrant sukuna mouth tattoo on your hand by Victor Martin, expert in neo-traditional style.Victor Martin brings a touch of elegance with this black and gray neo traditional chest tattoo featuring a beautiful flower in a vase.Victor Martin creates a stunning black and gray tattoo of a delicate flower and lantern motif on the upper arm.Neo-traditional meets black and gray with Victor Martin's striking brass knuckles design. Make a bold statement on your forearm with this badass tattoo.
Get tangled in the intricate web of Victor Martin's stunning neo-traditional spider design on your hip. Embrace the dark and mysterious with this unique piece of body art.Experience the intricate beauty of a black and gray fine line neo-traditional flower tattoo by Victor Martin.Elegantly designed snake tattoo by Victor Martin, expertly inked in black & gray on the forearm for a bold and stylish look.Stunning dotwork tattoo on ribs featuring a geisha, hannya, and girl design by Victor Martin.Beautifully intricate sun design on the forearm by Victor Martin, perfect for those who love minimalistic tattoos.Bold and intricate knee tattoo featuring a neo-traditional spider and web design by Victor Martin.Get mesmerized by Victor Martin's stunning black and gray sun face tattoo on your upper back. Let the sun's energy shine through you.Get a stunning neo traditional lady head tattoo on your upper arm by the talented artist Victor Martin. Perfect blend of classic and modern style.Get a stunning fine line snake tattoo on your shoulder by renowned artist Victor Martin. Embrace the serpentine beauty!Experience the balance of light and dark with this stunning fine line sun and moon tattoo on your upper leg. By the talented artist Victor martin.Immerse yourself in the mystique with this black and gray snake design by renowned artist Victor Martin on your shoulder.Get inspired by this beautiful lettering tattoo on your upper arm. Victor Martin's work will remind you to embrace each moment.
VmVictor martin
Victor martin