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VMVorn Morris

Vorn Morris

vorn morris tattoo

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Hey! I’m Vorn Morris, Tattooing is my life!!!!! I believe my whole life has led me to becoming a Tattooer, from a young age I started drawing! I was into skateboarding and Seattle punk rock (nirvana etc) I started playing guitar at 12 years old cause I thought my teachers sucked and I could do it better. I started out drawing surf and skateboarding logos and gradually progressed from there! I have the classic tattooer story, skate, punk, music, rebellion, smoking, drugs, drinking and but now I’m all grown up. I did my first tattoo (on myself) October 2004. I started my own small shop on the Kapiti Coast in 2006. I’ve managed to find my way in this crazy world and tattooing has been my life ever since. I owe everything to tattooing and tattooing is everything to me. These days fast forward, I’ve traveled the world tattooing and I’m as passionate as ever! Looking forward all I want to do is Japanese influenced tattoos, large scale or small one offs, check out my photos and if you like what you see hit me up! Thanks if you took the time to read this! V;)



Japanese (Irezumi)
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Body suit, Japanese influences, done over 2 years!
VMVorn Morris
Vorn Morris