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Wavy or Not

Next month


Specializing in fine-line, contemporary and abstract stylings, Alice works out of a private studio in East London.



Hour rate:140 GBP
Min. rate:120 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Abstract colour composition of a woman sitting down with brush strokesFineline tattoo of a woman with abstract colour accents and brushstrokes Floral branch with colour accent Fineline floral tattooFineline Tattoo /design by Quibe with permission/ Fineline tattoo /design by flowsofly with permission/ Fineline tattoo of a womanFineline moon tattooAbstract brush stroke compositionMountain range with colour accentAbstract chalk drawing of a womanAbstract brushstroke tattoo in black
Orange stamp with colour accentFineline tattoo of a woman's body with abstract colour accents Mountain range with colour accentFineline tattoo of a female silhouette with floral and colour accents Fineline tattoo of facesFineline tattoo of a sculpture Fineline lemon slice tattoo Fineline sun tattooBoots with floral accentFineline cherubFineline scorpio with floral accentsFloral composition with colour accents