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Temporal Tiago Tattoo

THTiago Henrique Silva Silva
Tiago Henrique Silva Silva
Totem animal tattoo My work Follow me on fbOrnamental tattoo  My work Add me on fb "temporal tiago tattoos "Dagger tattoo my workAll of this work is fully heall,dragon head,dragon on the cross,viking on the chest and the Celtic back tattoo is all heall and all my work.Free hand flowering design I did. From fresh to heal Jessica rabitt redesign by me with leopard outfit and mandala design background. Loads of fun doing this one.
Farol da foz do Douro  Porto/Portugal Lighthouse from my city My workMandala tattoo  My work Follow me on fbMinie mouse skull tattoo my workJessica Rabbit personalized by me with leopard dress with mandala background. From fresh to heal.Celtic back tattoo My workViking symbol with wings My work