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L"Leigh "Woolly" Snowden

Leigh "Woolly" Snowden

Pigmental Tattoos

Next month


Tattooing professionally since 2009 Owner of Pigmental Tattoo Studio You can find more of my work on the studio's TattooDo page.



Old School (Traditional)
Black & Gray
Dark Art
Japanese (Irezumi)
New School


Hour rate:60 GBP
Min. rate:30 GBP
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Tattooing Myself 🤘 Gotta pass the free time somehow 😁 Sketch Leg Sleeve In Progress - #Crow #Skull #CrowSkull #BirdSkull #SkullTattoo #Sketch #SketchTattoo #SelfTattoo #SelfTattooing #SelfTattooed Hummingbird Tattoo Based on a photograph of the prism effect created by sunlight shining through a Jacobin Hummingbird's wings. Hummingbird - Bird - Birds - Multicoloured - Colourful - Nature - Animal Absolutely LOVED doing this piece, a nice gnarly ram skull and carved pentagram over the knee 🤘 more please. Chuffed with this Cover-Up - black is not always the answer! And removing an ex's name is always a fine day 🤘 Leaves and highlights to go, client had reached her limit for the day! The officeA little bit of "me time" #TattooArtistsNeedTattoosTooTime & Travel sleeve in progress Really enjoying working with Matt on this one - can't beat a meaningful tattoo 😊Pigmental on Tour at Stonham Motorcycle Show 2019 (plus our lovely assistant) A few concept designs - what can I say? I love skulls 🤘💀Isabella's makeover Punk Zombie - competition winner (win an hour's free tattooing) Little rib-tickler
Japanese Style Hannya Mask Tattoo Custom Design - Japanese - Mask - Hannya - Black & Grey - Shading - Sleeve in progress Bit of a cheeky one, and most fun I've had in ages 😁 The girls were awesome and hardcore as f**k! Cheers for the laughs 🤘 Foot Tattoo - Sole Tattoo - Feet - Text - Words - Lettering - Painful - Swearing - Offensive - Funny - Awesome More custom work, and I do so love those sharpies 😊 Tree silhouette cuff with full moonLittle planning session for my girlfriend's horror leg sleeve - Biomech skull and snake. Gotta love those sharpies 😁Nice bit of wrist action for Matt 😂Ship ahoy! Pigmental on Tour at Stonham Motorcycle Show 2019 (plus our lovely assistant)Cranium cornerMy very manly suitcase full of dolly parts. Totally standard belongings. Isabella's makeover Isabella's makeoverSkulls and Bones collection coming along nicely
L"Leigh "Woolly" Snowden
Leigh "Woolly" Snowden