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ZRZack Ross

Zack Ross

Sinners Tattoo Studio Dallas TX

Next month


Email me to set up a consultation or appointment, I have been tattooing since 2002. Did a traditional 2 year apprenticeship (I worked for virtually no pay until I learned how to do tattoos that people were willing to pay for) under Ian Hudgins. I do just about every style of tattoo except for water color and those tiny tattoos.



Black & Gray
Japanese (Irezumi)
New School
Trash Polka Style


Hour rate:225 USD
Min. rate:200 USD
About the Artist

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Collaboration tattoo I did with my homie Alex Arango. Done in two sessions with both of us working on it simultaneously on one tough as nails client.  You want something dope you gotta pay for it in other ways than just your wallet. Lmk if you would be interested in getting a piece done by the two of us as we are looking to do another piece together!Kronos the Titan!HealedIn progress space tatt!Samurai gorillas are awesome!Memorial piece I did for one of my oldest friend's wife and pup. I can't tell you how excited I am for the next session on this one. I love clients who are willing to sit through some grueling sessions and will let me do my thing with their ideas! This piece took about 3 sessions so far. One more and it's a wrap.
Kronos the titan!Kronos the Titan! Tattoo was done in 2.5 days back to back sessions.WIP Done in one session still have one more to go.One of my personal favorites. She pretty much let me run with what ever I wanted as long as her old tattoo was covered. I always want to do a harpy, so that's what I came up with. Penny wise healed and 2 years old.Finished product of this tiger after 2 sessions. This was this kids first tattoo. If you are going to do anything do it right!
ZRZack Ross
Zack Ross