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Aaron Della Vedova

Guru Tattoo

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Hello. I am a 25 year tattooer and owner of Guru Tattoo here in San Diego for the past 19 years. I have been fortunate to have worked with and around some of the best out there over the years. Guys like, Master Yushi, Fibs, Kevin Dickinson, Jeff Gogue, and Adam Hathorn just to name a few. I mostly do large format, full color, surreal illustration work. Even when I tackle some of the more traditional themes, I tend to put my own spin on it. After all these years I am starting to feel that tattooing was more than my chosen craft but also a pathway that pushed me in a direction that ultimately forced to me question my own inner demons. In doing so it presented an opportunity for me to grow in ways that would have never been possible otherwise. That, coupled with all of the incredible people I have been able to spend countless hours in deep conversation with, has lead me to many enlightening realizations and perhaps more importantly, truly cherished friendships. For this I am and will always be eternally grateful for all that the art of tattooing has given to me! Now as I turn towards the final chapter of my career, I feel a deepening desire to give back to the craft that has given me so much. This is why I found tattoodo and other platforms like it. To me it is just another way to give back in the form of educational content that will hopefully raise up another artist's performance and keep our beautiful industry growing into even higher realms. What we do as tattooers truly touches people's souls and so I think it incredibly important to bring all the love, compassion and creative energy we posses to it! Karma is real, so do others right and allow tattooing to light up a world that is in need of a new, more cooperative and lovingly creative paradigm paradigm! -Aaron Della Vedova



Hour rate:300 USD
Min. rate:1500 USD
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Tattoo by Aaron Della Vedova #AaroDellaVedova #sleevetattoo #surreal
ADAaron Della Vedova
Aaron Della Vedova