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ATAaron Turner

Aaron Turner

Black Circle Tattoo Studio

Next month


I enjoy black and grey realism, especially animals.



Black & Gray
Dark Art
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Start of a full rose sleeve.✖️Rework✖️ Another rose I reworked from a sleeve of rosesLion and rose tattoo, crown and Maine to be added soon. ✖️cover up✖️ I started covering an existing tattoo, the other side of the wrist is still to be covered. Bear/ Forrest land scape tattoo done in black and grey✖️cover up✖️ skull tattoo I did as a partial cover up, the rest to be covered soonSimba tattoo done a while ago as a part of an on going Disney sleeve
Realism elephant tattoo 🐘✖️rework✖️ I’ve started reworking this sleeve of roses, you can see one of the original roses below. Black and grey tattoo butterfly✖️cover up✖️ this is a cover up of a wedding date in Roman numerals. The client was very particular about the design and I loved the challenge of designing something that covered this up and didn’t compromise the end result. Black and grey single rose memorial tattoo Black and grey ram skull. I enjoy doing skulls and would love to do more.Part healed leopard which is a part of an on going animal sleeve.
ATAaron Turner
Aaron Turner