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AWAdam Whall

Adam Whall

Sleepwell Tattoo Parlour

Next month


Freindly and affable tattooist from Essex. I'm a blackwork artist with a very illustrative style and I custom design a lot of pieces for clients.



Black & Gray
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Bit of a bad photo, but a cool one from my flash! Got loads of pieces like this so get in touch if you want one!!Custom drawn Ganesh hand tattooCustom designed hand piece. Get in touch if you would like a hand tattoo and have a cool idea!!!Lion from my flash book. Custom design for a client.Cool little skull from my flash book!Tough looking lion from my flash, have lots of pieces like this available!!Work in progress of a sacred heart chest piece.Beautiful Ganesh piece from my flash ready to be tattooed!! Work in progress on one of my favourite customers! Piece is taken from my flash bookBig, crazy, flaming, neo-trad wolf available!Blackwork, darkart style piece available.
All seeing eye from my flashbook, let me know if you have an idea for one!!!"Prince of Dust" from my flash book.Small freehand cover up tsttooHealed rose tattoo Skeletal bishop ready to go!!Frog and the scorpion tattoo design ready to go!!Illustrative black and grey rose.Healed, back of the neck floral tattooHealed shot of a fantasy castle pie e from my flash book!!Neotrad lady, very beautiful piece!Fineline crystal dragonfly.
AWAdam Whall
Adam Whall