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Gold Minds Tattoo Gallery

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Dark Art
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❌ Telltale Edgar Allan Poe ❌ 7.5 hours in this optical illusion full color portrait
❌ Jaguar Crunch ❌ Start of a coverup project, soon to be sleeve
❌ Dinopool ❌ Funko Pop Sticker on knee ditch
A realistic take on Junji Ito’s Tomie. Done on outer thigh in one 11 hour session
Dragon Ball Z Broly tattoo on outer calf
Paper Mario sticker tattooSailor Moon inspired custom ornamental tattoo
Perfect Cell done in color anime styleHollywood Fame on Fire color tattoo
Terminator Pop Realism Tattoo done in 12 hours
❌ Nezuko ❌ 7.5 hours on this Demon Slayer tattoo!
❌ Atomic Burst ❌ 9 hours on this gas mask x-ray design❌ Wolfman ❌ 11 hours for this colorwork
❌ Angry Kirby ❌ 3.5 hoursLotus in bloom 💥
Link from Legend of Zelda Retro Gaming Pop Tattoo
Ghostface Tattoo on horror leg sleeve
Wolf and wolf eye tattoo
Frida Kahlo Color Portrait
Mac Miller pop realism portrait done in black and grey
Chained Hand Graffiti done in black and grey realism
Chucky portrait added to a color realism horror leg sleeveDon Corleone 🌹 done in 6.5 hours❌ Fallout ❌