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Adi D

NOKA tattoo

This week


I love to tattoo cute&colourful designs. I create lots of flash designs, but also love a custom project



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:150 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get inked with this stunning new school, illustrative, fine line jellyfish tattoo by Adi D. Perfect for those who love a touch of whimsy in their body art.Adi D's illustrative tattoo features a playful monkey holding a heart shaped plushie, vibrant colors bring this design to life.Planet :)Bird tattooAdi D's stunning watercolor technique brings this majestic elephant design to life with vibrant colors and fluid brushstrokes.Transform your skin into a canvas with stunning watercolor art by the talented Adi D. Vibrant hues that flow like water.Adorn your forearm with a stunning illustrative bird tattoo designed by Adi D, showcasing grace and freedom.Experience the beauty of watercolor art with this stunning tattoo by Adi D. Bright colors that flow gracefully on your skin.Vibrant and bold new school tattoo design by Adi D, showcasing modern twist on traditional tattoos with bright colors and playful imagery.Get a colorful and abstract illustrative tattoo featuring a cat and flower design by Adi D.Get a unique illustrative tattoo of a beautiful flower in patchwork style, designed by Adi D for your upper arm.Capture the beauty of cherry blossoms with this exquisite illustrative tattoo by Adi D. Perfectly placed on your forearm.
Adorable illustrative tattoo featuring a colorful kawaii cat design by the talented artist Adi D.Adorable illustrative tattoo featuring Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls in vibrant colors by Adi D.Get a vibrant illustrative tattoo of a maple leaf by talented artist Adi D. This colorful design will make a statement on your skin.Kitty tattoo from my flash 💖#cattattoo #kittytattoo #flowertattoo #flashtattooCapture the beauty of nature with this colorful illustrative tattoo by Adi D. The abstract design adds a unique touch to this stunning piece.Vibrant and realistic strawberry design on upper arm by Adi D, perfect for fruit loversAdi D creates a stunning watercolor tattoo masterpiece with vibrant colors and fluid lines, truly a work of art.Explore the fantastic world of new school tattoos with this colorful and playful design by Adi D. Guaranteed to turn heads!Embrace the beauty of nature with this watercolor sunflower tattoo by Adi D. Perfect for a colorful and eye-catching piece.Experience the traditional beauty of Japanese tattoo art by Adi D, combining precision and skill in every design.Adorn your skin with a stunning illustrative tattoo featuring a beautiful lady surrounded by nature elements, inspired by Frida Kahlo.Adi D's illustrative tattoo combines a colorful fish, abstract elements, and a beautiful flower in a stunning watercolor style.
Adi D