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Alex Griffith

Tigers Reign Tatto

Next week


Birmingham-based tattoo artist specialising in Japanese and American traditional tattoos, but capable of covering most styles



Hour rate:70 GBP
Min. rate:50 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Japanese crane from my flashTraditional mermaid custom tattooCustom Japanese namakubi and snakeJapanese Crane backpiece from my pre-drawn conceptsJapanese cherry blossoms from my flashCustom ornamental stomach pieceJapanese koi from my flashJapanese rabbit from my flashTraditional eagle from my flashJapanese tiger paw from my flashCustom Japanese split Hannya maskCustom ornamental foot tattoos
Japanese frog from my flashJapanese namakubi from my flashBlackwork roses custom-madeJapanese catfish from my flashJapanese panther, custom cover-upTraditional cross from my flashJapanese skull from my flashTraditional peacock from my flashTraditional pin-up from my flashJapanese shibari from my flashOrnamental ankle tattoos, from my flash and custom drawnTraditional Bowery greyhound
AGAlex Griffith
Alex Griffith