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Bio / I became interested in art when i was very young. At thirteen years old i went to a workshop to learn drawing and painting, eventually it turned into curiosity for the art on the skin. When I was sixteen years old i put together my first homemade tattoo machine and i tattooed myself. My main motivation was to buy my first drums and I thought "What can i do for a living while i finish highschool?" that`s when i bought my first machine and I started tattooing some of my school mates. Later i studied graphic design at university, career that i didn´t finish, as i worked as musician for several years. At twenty eight years old, the idea of working on something else apart from music, brought the tattoo back to me. I continued to study art and design to find again that part of me that came to stay. My style, is actually a mix of styles, i really like the challenge of collage. I work with lines, geometry, a bit of colour, watercolor, black and grey and eventually dots


Black & Gray
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