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Alien Ink

Nobody's Business

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Hi! I'm Ems - a queer nonbinary artist working in Kings Cross, offering both handpoke and machine tattooing.


Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Experience unique dotwork style with this stunning hand-poke fish tattoo designed by Alien Ink.Unique dotwork and hand-poke style tattoo of a molotov cocktail by Alien Ink. A fiery and rebellious design for those who like edgy tattoos.Unique hand-poked illustrative beetle design by Alien Ink, created with intricate dotwork technique.Embrace the beauty of nature with this intricate dotwork butterfly design by Alien Ink. Hand-poked for a unique and artistic touch.Express your unique style with this abstract illustrative tattoo by the talented artists at Alien Ink. Get inked today!Get an edgy twist on a classic character with this fine line rabbit tattoo inspired by The Simpsons, expertly done by Alien Ink.Get a unique dotwork hand-poked mushroom design by Alien Ink, combining creativity and precision for a stunning tattoo.Get a stunning Gustav Klimt inspired tattoo of Judith I, done in illustrative style by Alien Ink. An artistic masterpiece on your skin!Get mesmerized by Alien Ink's blackwork illustrative tattoo featuring a striking rope motif. A unique piece for bold individuals.Immerse yourself in the mystical world of dotwork with this hand-poked illustrative design featuring a frog and crow by Alien Ink.Get a unique hand-poked illustrative skull tattoo from Alien Ink, expert in dotwork designs. Stand out with this intricate artwork!Get a unique and intricate dotwork fish tattoo done by the talented artists at Alien Ink. A beautiful and detailed design for all tattoo enthusiasts.
Capture the strength and freedom of the eagle with intricate dotwork and illustrative style, hand-poked by Alien Ink.Unique dotwork & hand-poke design by Alien Ink, featuring a delicate sprig and winding vine branch motif.Get inked by Alien Ink with this intricate and illustrative dotwork eagle design, embodying strength and freedom.Get a unique illustrative tattoo of a skeleton hand done in dotwork style by Alien Ink for a bold and artistic look.Explore the cosmos with this delicate fine line satellite tattoo done by Alien Ink. Perfect for astronomy enthusiasts!Experience a unique blend of abstract art and illustrative style with this stunning tattoo design by the talented artists at Alien Ink.Discover the beauty of fine line geometric art with this abstract tattoo designed by Alien Ink. Get inked with a unique, modern masterpiece.Get a unique blackwork ladybug tattoo done by the talented artists at Alien Ink studio. The intricate design will surely make a statement!Get a unique hand-poked spider tattoo on dark skin by the talented artists at Alien Ink. Embrace the dark side with this intricate design.Illustrative skull tattoo featuring intricate dotwork and hand-poked technique, created by the talented artists at Alien Ink.Unique hand-poked dotwork butterfly tattoo on ribcage by Alien Ink, combining illustrative elements for a stunning design.Unique hand-poked dotwork design featuring a beetle motif, expertly crafted by Alien Ink for a one-of-a-kind tattoo experience.
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Alien Ink