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Alina Wiltshire

Reverse Cowgirl Tattoo

Next week


Introducing Alina, a rising star in the tattoo world, based at Reverse Cowgirl Tattoo. With a versatile skill set, Alina specializes in dotwork, micro realism, realism, floral designs, small lettering, and fineline tattoos. Her attention to detail and dedication to her craft shine through in each intricate piece she creates. Whether it's capturing the delicate beauty of flowers or bringing small lettering to life, Alina's work exudes elegance and precision, leaving a lasting impression on all who admire it.



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:120 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Experience the unique artistry of hand-poked dotwork in this captivating tiger motif by Alina Wiltshire.Incredible flower design by artist Alina Wiltshire, combining micro realism, dotwork, and hand poke techniques.Unique dotwork design of a statue done by Alina Wiltshire, created with the hand-poke technique.Explore the fusion of dotwork and micro-realism in this hand-poked tomato tattoo by the talented artist Alina Wiltshire.Unique dotwork hand-poked tattoo by Alina Wiltshire featuring a woman and soup motif. Intricate and captivating design.Experience the intricate beauty of dotwork and hand-poke techniques with this skull motif tattoo by the talented artist Alina Wiltshire.A stunning dotwork and hand-poked micro-realism tattoo by Alina Wiltshire, featuring an intricate angel statue design.Get mesmerized by Alina Wiltshire's micro-realism technique in this stunning cherry design created through intricate dotwork and hand poke method.Unique butterfly tattoo done with intricate dotwork for a stunning hand-poked design by Alina Wiltshire.Experience the surreal world of Magritte with this hand-poked, dotwork black and gray masterpiece by Alina Wiltshire.Admire the intricate details of this stunning black and gray dotwork whale tattoo created by the talented artist Alina Wiltshire.Experience a unique blend of realism and dotwork in this exquisite hand-poked statue tattoo by Alina Wiltshire.
Unique dotwork hand poke tattoo of a naval star by Alina Wiltshire, combining precision and minimalism.Get a unique and intricate ring tattoo by Alina Wiltshire in dotwork and micro-realism styles. Perfect for minimalist tattoo lovers!Unique and intricate abstract dotwork hand poke tattoo created by Alina Wiltshire, showcasing her expert skills in this stunning design.Embrace the elegance of dotwork and micro-realism with this unique hand-poked sword tattoo by Alina Wiltshire.Unique dotwork style tattoo of a fierce tiger, expertly hand-poked by Alina Wiltshire for a one-of-a-kind design.Experience the delicate beauty of dotwork and micro realism with a hand-poked blueberry tattoo by Alina Wiltshire.Experience the intricate beauty of hand-poked dotwork in this micro-realism design of a graceful swallow by talented artist Alina Wiltshire.Unique dotwork tattoo by Alina Wiltshire featuring intricate branch and vine design done using hand-poke technique.Unique dotwork and hand-poked tattoo by Alina Wiltshire, featuring a delicate vine and leaf motif. Perfect for nature lovers.Experience the delicate art of hand-poked dotwork tattoos by Alina Wiltshire, creating mesmerizing ornamental designs.Hand-poked by Alina Wiltshire, this micro-realism tattoo features a stunning dragonfly design with intricate dotwork details.Get a unique and intricate micro-realism tattoo of a vine and branch design by artist Alina Wiltshire.
AWAlina Wiltshire
Alina Wiltshire