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ALAmy Lyn

Amy Lyn

Boscos Tattoos South Street

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Amy Lameee Multimedia artist, Tattooer, Barista, MOM I started tattooing 10 years ago! Hard to believe that sometimes! I've been tattooing in my own style and filling giant books with original flash for the past 2 years of my tattooing. My whole tattoo process and aftercare is CRUELTY FREE AND VEGAN! I'm also a Pro Team artist with BISIBITAT2! Currently tattooing @Boscos Tattoo shop in Tehachapi CA. Looking to Book out of state tattoos to meet other artists and people :) XOXO Amy



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Ideas ready  to be tattooed! #flower #floral #surreal #abstract #ghost #clouds #skull #cookie #watercolorFramed Flash! Coffee ghost is SOLD all the rest is available to be tattooed! #creepycute #ghost #flower #surreal #abstract #freehandOnly picture I have of this sweet illustrative tattoo I did a while back in Colorado. Owl with a rodent on its head.Vegan black light tattoo! Gir, Bloo, Calcifer Toothless, Hamtaro with chaos flowers on head and ribbon, green alien, kittens, eve, soot sprite, scrup, grim on a knee cap! ; My Swirly twirly Mickey available to be turned into a tattoo :) Check out my Donald and Goofy versions too!Freehand chaos flower inside of a lightbulb ELECTRIC!Freehand hearts on the TOESFreehand coverup/rework turned these into ghostsFreehand Tim Burton couplesFreehand CHAOS flowerFreehand Chaos Flower on the side elbow in a broken heart cup. Other chaos flower designs
FRamed Flash available to be tattooed! #flower #floral #surreal #abstract #ghost #clouds #skull #cookie #watercolorBlacklight dark markVegan UV blacklight tattoos #vegan #blacklight #glow #uv #freehandChaos flower in a broken heart cup Not dead yet Head stone ; My Swirly twirly Donald available to be turned into a tattoo :) Check out my Mickey and Goofy versions too!Shattered bella (And peek a boo mady) Friday the 13th 2019Original Foliage wrapping on the outer ankleVEGAN UV REACTIVE Ufo mountain scene FreehandPastel floral calf piece. Tattooed in ColoradoFreehand GIR Freehand Chaos Flower on the ankle. VEGAN UV REACTIVE INK
ALAmy Lyn
Amy Lyn