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Ananda Rive

La Souche Tattoo

Next month


French Tattoo artist based in Paris ✷Blackworker, Neotrad ✷ or dm for appointments ✷ Owner of La Souche Tattoo, Paris ✷ Make Art everyday, everywhere 🖤


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Scorpio With daffodils 🦂🖤.Merci Tatiana knee chrysanthemum✨In progress.Thank you Gaby🖤🖤🖤Snake, berries & foliage🍃🐍In progress.Merci MatheusCompass and cherry blossom 🧭🌸In progress.Merci Laurent 🏮👁Lantern👁🏮 . Thank you Bruno Cicada🌾 . Thank you Baptiste Crystals✨ . Thank you BrunoDagger🗡 . Thank you Guillaume Aftermath🌙🗡 . Thank you Arthur Vegetal circle🌿 . Thank you LéaMarine⚓️✨ . Thank you Nicolas Reaper keep the Muse⛓🥀
Olive wood knife 🔪🖤.Merci SebRose🥀✨.Merci Élodie Chrysanthemum&skull💀✨In progress.Merci Audrey Butterfly knife 🔪🦋.Merci Agathe Line butterfly 🦋 . Thank you Celine 🕸little black widow🕷 . Thank you Bruno ⛓Hurt Me⛓ . Thank you Ines🗡Broken dagger🗡 . Thank you Nicolas Flash✨🗡 . Thank you Nicolas Strawberry🍓 . Thank you Baptiste Cover-Snake 🐍 . Thank you Sandrine Blackcat 🖤 . Thank you Amelie
ARAnanda Rive
Ananda Rive