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The London Social Tattoo

This week


Anna is the only hand poke resident artist at The London Social, Angel Studio. Anna’s unique and delicate style is timeless, specialising in ornamental and floral designs. Drop Anna a message to book in your new piece.



Hour rate:150 GBP
Min. rate:150 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Elegantly hand-poked fine line tattoo featuring a lotus flower and unalome symbol, done by the talented artist Anna.Get a hand-poked smiley face tattoo by Anna, done in a delicate fine line style for a unique and charming look.Experience a dainty sunset with fine line details in this beautiful hand-poke tattoo by Anna.Embrace the beauty of simplicity with this dainty and intricate hand-poke tattoo. Created by the talented artist Anna, this fine line design is perfect for those seeking a subtle yet striking piece of body art.Get a unique sun tattoo in brown ink, hand-poked by the talented artist Anna. Choose a minimalist fine line design for a subtle and stylish look.Experience the beauty of fine line hand-poked tattooing with this dainty and intricate unalome design by the talented artist Anna.Get a dainty and elegant tattoo with fine line and hand poke techniques by the talented artist Anna.Experience the beauty of dotwork and hand poke techniques in this delicate bird tattoo design by the talented artist Anna.Get inked by Anna with intricate dotwork and delicate small lettering design.Embrace the serene beauty of the ocean with this delicate hand-poked wave tattoo by the talented Anna.Experience the intricate artistry of dotwork hand poke tattoo by Anna. Create a unique and delicate design on your skin.Capture the beauty of a hand fan with this fine line and illustrative hand poke tattoo by talented artist Anna.
Embrace the beauty of nature with this fine line hand poke tattoo by tattoo artist Anna. Intricate design of delicate leaves and vines.Experience the beauty of hand-poked, fine-line dotwork with this dainty heart design by talented artist Anna.Explore delicate hand-poked fine line designs for fingers, created by the talented artist Anna.Get a unique and delicate hand-poked tattoo in red ink with small lettering by renowned artist Anna.Get a dainty and fine line hand-poked symbol on your finger by the skilled artist Anna. Perfect for a subtle and elegant tattoo.Elegantly crafted fine line hand-poked tattoo on fingers by Anna, featuring a delicate motif.Delicate small lettering tattoo created using hand-poke technique by the talented artist Anna.Elegant hand-poked minimal sprig tattoo featuring intricate dotwork design by talented artist Anna.Elevate your style with Anna's fine line hand-poked star tattoo, a timeless symbol of guidance and positivity.Experience intricate details and delicate artistry with this fine line hand poke tattoo designed by the talented artist, Anna, on dark skin tones.Get a unique and delicate tattoo with fine line hand-poked small lettering by talented artist Anna. Perfect for those looking for a subtle yet striking design.Embrace love with this fine line hand-poke heart tattoo by Anna, perfect for those looking for a subtle yet elegant design.