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ADAntony Dickinson

Antony Dickinson

Cult Classic Tattoo

Next month


Tattooing since 2005 and currently working at the amazing Cult Classic tattoo in Romford, 15 minutes outside of London producing high quality custom tattoo work and select corporate artworks



Old School (Traditional)
Black & Gray
Japanese (Irezumi)
About the Artist

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A painting that I made for a future flyer for @cultclassictattoo Blast over sacred heart panther 🙏Baphomet hiding in a mechanical lady head done at the North Lakes tattoo show ✌️Drawn on mutated smashed up skull on Reece's elbowBio-mech eyeball filling in some space on the elbow
Dion's backpiece all healed and settled, proudly made in Romford and proudly worn in Romford!Portal hot stuff on the stomachOne shot black and grey wolf head on the inside thigh Healed 'n' hairy back of the knee skull and dagger 🤘Panther on the hand with some stars added to cover some old knuckle tattoos.Snake with skull detail on Chris' head!Black and grey devil head spider on the knee!
ADAntony Dickinson
Antony Dickinson