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I'm an abstract tattoo artist from Brazil. I believe that tattoo can be a spell, the materialization of a desire or a belief. My tattoo work is about evoking a future for yourself. It's about believing in the power of will and marking your body with your own spell.





Hour rate:200 BRL
Min. rate:100 BRL
About the Artist

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SONH A _dream This is Ana. She is a young artist from Belo Horizonte and we met in an art-education program. Ana is starting to make choices about her own life, finding out the paths in which she wants to take a ride. She doesn't know where she is going to, or where that will take her, but she's a sailor and dreamer, so she keeps walking and walking and walking. Thank you, Ana. I hope your road takes you to a place you belong!
EU SOU ESPÍRITO is about finding a path of healing. My client, Paulo, was starting a new fase in his life, moving out from his birth-town, and wished to heal himself from the past traumas and unfinished bussiness. Here he becames a human being aware of his own path and his own limitations and possibilities.