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Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos

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With over 10 years of experience under his belt, Avi specialises in traditional Asian styles and black and grey realism. He is currently based in London at Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos.



Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:300 GBP
About the Artist

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Elegant ornamental pattern tattoo created by Avi, blending dotwork technique with mandala motif for a unique design.Experience Avi's haunting realism with this black and gray surreal skeleton tattoo on your upper arm.Stunning forearm tattoo featuring a beautifully detailed black and gray illustration of a woman with flowers by Avi.Experience the power of the wild with a stunning black and gray lion tattoo on your forearm. Realistic and illustrative, created by the talented artist Avi.Avi's stunning black and gray tattoo combines a majestic horse with Poseidon, an angel, and a man in a realistic illustrative style on the upper leg.Avi's illustrative tattoo combines intricate filigree details with traditional Japanese motifs of koi fish, waves, and flowers.Avi's stunning blackwork mandala sleeve tattoo blends intricate patterns with illustrative style, creating a mesmerizing design.Masterpiece by Avi merging serene buddha with intricate crown and filigree details in black and gray style.Get an illustrative Japanese tattoo on your upper arm featuring sea motifs like fish and waves by talented artist Avi.Experience the beauty of micro_realism and ornamental style with this stunning tattoo featuring a moon, flower, mandala, and woman by Avi.Experience the surrealism of death with Avi's realistic and illustrative forearm tattoo featuring a grim reaper, scythe, and eye motif.Get mesmerized by Avi's illustrative wave tattoo design, combining abstract elements for a unique and artistic look.
Get a fierce yet delicate traditional tiger and rose tattoo on your chest by the talented artist Avi.Experience peace and power with Avi's stunning black and gray realism tattoo featuring Buddha and Kali motifs.Capture the strength and beauty of a Valkyrie with this black-and-gray masterpiece by Avi. Perfect for the forearm.Detailed micro-realism and illustrative design featuring a triangle, eye, filigree, and waves.Impressive illustrative design featuring a patterned helmeted man with filigree accents on the back. Perfect for tattoo lovers!Experience the beauty of a black and gray illustrative tattoo featuring elegant flowers and a detailed clock by the talented artist Avi.Capture the beauty and elegance of a woman with intricate earrings in this stunning forearm tattoo by Avi. Perfect blend of realism and illustration.An intricate black and gray illustration of a girl, expertly tattooed by Avi for a stunning chest piece.Impressive black and gray illustrative tattoo featuring a crown, man, and mask, expertly done by artist Avi.Avi's intricate design combines a majestic lion, a mystical tree, and intricate forest patterns on the upper arm.Stunning black and gray tattoo by Avi, featuring a fierce tiger and powerful mahakala deity.#floral #fineline #flowers