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Baingio is an artist from Sardinia. Specializes in abstract tattoos, both in color and black&grey. He will be guesting at K-Ink in Copenhagen in October.
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Baingio’s masterpiece featuring a woman with a crown, surrounded by leaves, books, and flames, elegantly tattooed on upper leg.Stunning blackwork piece on upper leg by renowned artist Baingio, featuring detailed illustration of flowers, hearts, and a man and woman.Baingio's bold blackwork intertwines a snake and woman in a stunning illustrative design on the forearm.Embrace the power of the sun and the beauty of a woman riding a horse with this bold blackwork design by Baingio on your upper arm.Captivating blackwork tattoo by Baingio featuring a woman with a heart surrounded by flames on the upper arm.Baingio's stunning tattoo features a mix of flowers, hearts, patterns, and a woman, beautifully designed in bold blackwork style on the forearm.Beautiful illustrative tattoo by Baingio featuring a moon, a dog, and a woman, perfectly placed on the upper leg.Beautiful upper arm tattoo featuring a flower and a man, crafted by Baingio with intricate illustrative style.Blackwork illustrative tattoo featuring a sun, statue, and woman design by artist Baingio.Get a vibrant and colorful sunflower tattoo on your upper arm with an illustrative style by tattoo artist Baingio.Baingio's blackwork tattoo features a woman under rain clouds, depicted in a unique illustrative style on the upper arm.A stunning blackwork and dotwork tattoo featuring a beautiful woman surrounded by intricate moon and pattern designs. By the talented artist Baingio.
This blackwork forearm tattoo features Poseidon holding his trident, surrounded by watercolor waves and a stylized sun. By artist Baingio.Express your artistic side with a vibrant floral portrait of Frida Kahlo on your forearm. By Baingio, this illustrative watercolor tattoo is a unique and stunning piece of art.Baingio's illustrative lower leg tattoo showcases a serene ocean pattern with a sunlit sky, featuring a woman and man connecting with the sea.Baingio's stunning blackwork forearm tattoo featuring a woman with a baby, surrounded by a sun motif.Vibrant forearm tattoo featuring a beautiful woman surrounded by intricate patterns and flowers, by artist Baingio.Vibrant upper arm tattoo featuring a sun, cat, and intricate pattern, created by the talented artist Baingio.Baingio's stunning blackwork tattoo features a beautiful mermaid holding a trident, surrounded by intricate floral designs on the upper leg.Beautiful blackwork tattoo by Baingio featuring a stunning combination of flowers, patterns, and a woman, placed elegantly on the upper arm.Detailed blackwork tattoo of a blindfolded woman on the upper arm, expertly done by Baingio.Baingio's blackwork and watercolor tattoo features a woman with flowers and hints of blood on the upper arm.Elegant blackwork tattoo on lower leg featuring a beautiful flower and a woman designed by Baingio. Intricate patterns and detailed illustration.Baingio's illustrative blackwork tattoo on ribs, featuring a sun, flower, woman, and sprig.