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Barney Coles

The Family Business Tattoo London

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I am a born and bred Londoner and tattoo artist with 6+ years experience working in shops in London. I am a die hard arsenal fan and I love my job, I get to do what I love and meet new and interesting people every day.



Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:120 GBP
About the Artist

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Get inked with a timeless traditional style cupid design by the talented artist Barney Coles. Show off your love for classic tattoos!Experience the timeless artistry of traditional tattooing with this stunning candle design by the talented artist Barney Coles.Get a timeless traditional sparrow design by talented artist Barney Coles. Perfect for lovers of classic tattoo art!Barney Coles beautifully combines chicano and neo-traditional styles in this captivating tattoo of a blindfolded lady on the thigh.Celebrate your love for Arsenal with this small illustrative tattoo featuring the iconic cannon and logo.Stunning traditional tattoo by Barney Coles featuring a panther, woman, and mask motif. Bold colors and intricate details bring this design to life.Get inked with a classic skull cowboy design on your arm by Barney Coles. Embrace the wild west with this bold and badass tattoo!Stunning sternum tattoo by Barney Coles featuring a classic butterfly and dagger motif in traditional style.Beautiful traditional tattoo featuring a flower and gramophone design on the thigh by artist Barney Coles.Fly high with this stunning traditional eagle tattoo by Barney Coles, perfect for your upper arm.Get inked with a fierce tiger and powerful sword motif on your lower leg by Barney Coles, master of traditional style tattoos.Get inked with a haunting traditional tattoo of a moth symbolizing death, created by the talented artist Barney Coles.
Get a classic heart tattoo with a twist of traditional style by the talented artist Barney Coles. Perfect for a timeless and meaningful design.Beautiful traditional tattoo featuring a vibrant flower and juicy watermelon, by artist Barney Coles.Experience the elegance of this black & gray tattoo by renowned artist Barney Coles. Book your appointment now!Check out this classic traditional sparrow tattoo by renowned artist Barney Coles, featuring bold lines and vibrant colors.Barney Coles creates a dotwork and fine line illustrative tattoo featuring a nostalgic tamagotchi game in 8-bit style on your arm.Unique dotwork illustration of a wrestling action figure by Barney Coles. Celebrate the luchador spirit on your arm!Get a bold and colorful prawn tattoo on your forearm, crafted in traditional style by the talented artist Barney Coles.Barney Coles creates a stunning black and gray, dotwork, fine line illustrative flower design on your forearm.Beautiful traditional tattoo featuring a rose and hand motif, expertly done by Barney Coles on the back.Get a fierce scorpion design on your arm with this illustrative traditional style tattoo by the talented artist Barney Coles.Illustrative traditional tattoo on calf featuring a dramatic eye, cloud, storm, and lightning motif. Expertly executed by artist Barney Coles.Experience the mystical allure of a traditional illustrative tattoo featuring a tarot card, hand, and beads, crafted by Barney Coles.
BCBarney Coles
Barney Coles