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Beth farbrother

Holy rebel

Next week


I speicialise in line work tattoos and stylistically my work is pycheldic, contemporary and neo-tribal. Don’t hesitate to message me about your ideas! :)



Hour rate:80 GBP
Min. rate:50 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get a fierce and elegant illustrative leopard lady tattoo by the talented artist Beth Farbrother. Unleash your wild side with this unique design!An illustrative tattoo featuring a unique fusion of butterfly and neotribal motifs, expertly crafted by tattoo artist Beth Farbrother.Unique tattoo design by Beth Farbrother showcasing a blend of mannequin, wireframe, and doll motifs in an illustrative style.Beth Farbrother's intricate blackwork piece featuring a devil, mushroom, and vine motif. A striking and mysterious design.Unique ornamental and illustrative finger tattoo by Beth Farbrother, showcasing intricate design work.Magical illustrative tattoo of a stunning fairy woman with elegant wings, designed by Beth Farbrother.Captivating tribal design featuring mystical wings and fairy motif by artist Beth Farbrother.Experience the bold and intricate designs of tribal art with a unique illustrative twist by talented artist Beth Farbrother.Beth Farbrother's stunning blackwork tattoo features a mannequin in wireframe style, perfect for those who love unique and artistic designs.Experience the fusion of ancient tribal motifs with futuristic cyber sigilism in this intricate fine line tattoo by artist Beth Farbrother.Embrace the fusion of ancient tribal motifs and modern cyber sigilism with this stunning neotribal tattoo by renowned artist Beth Farbrother.Adorn your skin with a charming illustrative design by Beth Farbrother featuring a cute bunny rabbit sectioned into art.
Get a unique fusion of neotribal and tramp stamp styles with this stunning lettering tattoo by the talented artist Beth Farbrother.Explore the intricate world of fine line and illustrative tattoo styles with this mesmerizing design by Beth Farbrother.Unique heart design blending tribal and illustrative styles by Beth Farbrother. A bold statement tattoo.Beth Farbrother's unique design features a sun, baby, kid, and tear, beautifully illustrated in a striking tattoo.Embrace feminine allure with this blackwork tattoo by Beth Farbrother, featuring a classic pinup design inspired by Playboy glamour.Experience a fusion of ancient tribal art and modern cyber sigilism with this unique illustrative tattoo design by Beth Farbrother.Get a bold tribal design with a modern twist by the talented artist Beth Farbrother. Perfect for those looking for a unique tramp stamp tattoo.Unique illustrative scorpion design by Beth Farbrother, featuring intricate linework and shading for a striking tattoo.Get futuristic vibes with this alien-themed tattoo by the talented artist Beth Farbrother. Perfect for music lovers and club goers.Immerse yourself in a dreamy world with this illustrative tattoo featuring a whimsical fairy in a magical scenery by artist Beth Farbrother.Get a unique tribal twist on a classic heart design with this neotribal tramp stamp by artist Beth Farbrother.Get inked with this unique neotribal design featuring a mystical winged fairy, expertly crafted by tattoo artist Beth Farbrother.
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Beth farbrother