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Bex Lowe

Losers Club Tattoo

3+ months


I've been tattooing over 13 years and now pretty much exclusively do bright, bold and colourful tattoos based around fandom and geekery. I am also a freelance illustrator! I work from my own private tattoo studio, The Losers Club, in Chester, UK.



Hour rate:90 GBP
Min. rate:50 GBP
About the Artist

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Scanlan - Vox MachinaVaporeon - PokemonGet a stunning anime tattoo of Sono Bisque Doll's Marin Kitagawa by talented artist Bex Lowe. Perfect for any anime fan!Colorful watercolor design of a mystical kitsune fox by renowned artist Bex Lowe.Sonic & Knuckles Get inked with Pikachu, Weedle, Pidgey, and Metapod in this colorful anime tattoo by talented artist Bex Lowe.Joker - Persona 5Get a ferocious and detailed velociraptor tattoo in neo-traditional style by the talented artist Bex Lowe.
Eevee - PokemonPidgey & Pidgeot - PokemonIntricate neo_traditional tattoo by artist Bex Lowe featuring a fox, water, smoke, and spirit elements.Vibrant watercolor fox design with sakura and kitsune mask by Bex Lowe, blending traditional and modern styles.Charmander Evolution Line - PokemonGet a stunning watercolor tattoo of the iconic Gatchaman character designed by Bex Lowe.Illustrative watercolor tattoo featuring Gary and SpongeBob's snail, done by Bex Lowe.Pikachu & Mimikyu - Pokemon
BLBex Lowe
Bex Lowe