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Black Hand Tattoo Parlor

Next month


Via IG @marceljoaquim // requests via mail at:



Black & Gray
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Dog portrait I did a while back #dogportrait #dogtattoo #blackandgrey #realism Cruisin’ down the street in my 64. Samurari warrior #samurai #warrior #japanese First step of a sleeve I’m working on right now. Cant wait to continue. #angel #statue #angelstatue #religioustattoo Lion tattoo i did for an old friend #lion #blackandgrey Part of Sleeve that I’m working on right now. #aries #blackandgrey #silverbackink #cheyennetattooequipment Geometrical/realism wolf on chest. About a year ago. Completley healed shot from a deep meaninful tattoo which I created for a friend. Had lot of fun with! Lil’ filler for a good friend.Healed/fresh comparison on the greek themed arm of a good friend of mine to honor his roots! It took about 7,5 hours and was a lot of fun.
Part of a sleeve i was working on. Tattoo/reference photo of customers dog portrait.Nearly finished sleeve I was working on in the last months. #sleeve #blackandgrey #realism #eagleFinal step on a sleeve i was working in the last months #eagle #christorei #blackandgrey As far as we got. Part of a sleeve im working on. To be continued. #greekmythology #spartan #Poseidon Steampunk cat with portrait of customers cat! Had a lot of fun creating this one 💯Part of a VW/automotive classic themed arm im working on right now. This is part of a travel themed sleeve of a good friend of mine.