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Brandon Adams

Big Brain Omaha

Next month


12 Year Tattooer Currently working at Big Brain Productions in Omaha, Nebraska. Saniderm Sponsored Artist



Hour rate:140 USD
Min. rate:60 USD
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Really fun blackwork snakeCheeseburger in Paradise!Fun Deaths Head MothA pirate compass rose. Jimmy Buffet tribute Zombie Mermaid for Elizabeth Draw on centipede filler Light saber for BobbyFun Star Wars tattoo on Bobby
“You’re making a storm in a teacup”Bat for Duffy. Based off of a Quin Dinn reference. Lots of kids, lots of hearts. Lovers forever I’ll never tire of rosesKitty cat tatsSuper fun Mr. Flash Machine flash! CoverupRussian nesting doll for Bailey Shiba tattoo. Is he smiling? Laughing? Sneezing? Growling? You decide...
BABrandon Adams
Brandon Adams