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BLBuzz Levy

Buzz Levy

Numinous Tattoo and Piercing Studio

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Been tattooing professionally for 4 years after doing a 2 year long apprenticeship, now own my own studio were I tattoo , bodypierce , Japanese tebori and laser removal, work with any style! ex british soldier of ten years, 34 years martial arts and 10 freediving, love any thing dark and different



Black & Gray
Dark Art
Japanese (Irezumi)
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Breaking bad Mini skull jester Rose hand HellraiserWater colour Japanese Rework tinkerbell Rose locket Triple name cover up Game of thrones day of the dead Water colour mental health awareness BondageDolphin over an old dolphin tattoo cover-up
PUNY GOD Pop Go with a smile joker Mad haterWater colour crash Large name cover up Surgical tummy tuck scar cover up Death Apple The dark side Aztec day of the dead The deep Michel Myers leg project with coverups
BLBuzz Levy
Buzz Levy