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kwkyle williams

kyle williams

ink asylum

Next month


I’m an apprentice, I’ve been around the trade since the age of three as my father is a tattooist at ink asylum, located in pontypool, South Wales, United Kingdom. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been around the trade since a young age but only recently been learning how to tattoo, I’ve been practicing for around 3-4 months, check out some of my stuff, it’s all apprentice work so nothing amazing but tips would be appreciated for my work to get better, thanks for looking. By the way I do not own Ink asylum studio, I am an apprentice working there.



New School
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Everyone get at my Instagram profile, follow! Skull with a dotwork background on legFamily guy charcter from their star wars series, C-3po is fresh and what ive done, other work done by different artistAn old school gypsy head, this is the second tattoo that ive done whilst being on my own.A skull i did a week ago or so, first time with black and greySpiderman tattoo, did this tattoo around a week ago, was such fun having ago at some marvel.
Giraffe (mother & child) tattoo done.Harry potter design, death eater tattoo Iron-man added to the leg, going for a marvel leg sleeveA new school swallo & an old school rose i done back in january, this was an intersting tattoo but enjoyed doing it.An old school dagger design i done back in december, was fun doing this design.
kwkyle williams
kyle williams