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Parliament Tattoo

Next month


Meet Chapta, a dynamic tattoo artist who thrives on creativity and precision. Based in the vibrant tattoo community of London, Chapta practices her craft at Parliament Tattoo. Specializing in blackwork, Chapta brings a bold and distinct style to her work, infusing each piece with intricate details and powerful symbolism. With a passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new artistic horizons, Chapta welcomes all ideas and challenges, ensuring that each tattoo she creates is a unique and unforgettable masterpiece.


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Skulls’ phasesMonstrous creature with gothic backgroundCreatureBio-organic/ creatureCreature/ skullsBio-organic/ creature/ skull full sleeve, 1 sittingBig dragon on side thigh, 1 sittingTigerDemonic skull/ demonKraken / demonic octopusDemon/ goat skullDemonic skulls
Big Dragon, 1 sittingLife and Death, 1 sittingSnakeDemonic dragon/ creatureMonstrous creatureDinosaurMedusaCrocodileRacoonSkull with tentacles / kraken Skull popcorn Mammoth