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CHChris Hosmer

Chris Hosmer

Zen Tattoos

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Award winning, self taught artist that enjoys tattooing for what it is. No ego, just clean Tattoos. @Zen Tattoos Adairsville Ga



Old School (Traditional)
Black & Gray
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Neo-traditional telescopeNautical theme, not to great if pic. Rolls his arm so it makes things bend. Hunted becomes the hunter neo-traditional tiger themeNeo-traditional owl flashNeo-Traditional indian skullSea turtle cover upBlack and grey full frontal done in 2 sittings
Copic marker on bristolCopic marker on bristolCopic marker on bristol paperCrow/skull theme. 1st sitting on this owl/clock theme. Black and grey armor. Mostly healed. Black an grey sleeve done in a two 6hr sittings in two days.
CHChris Hosmer
Chris Hosmer