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Clayton Jeremiah

The Electric Paintbrush

This week


Introducing Clayton Jeremiah, also known as CJ, a passionate tattoo artist working his magic at The Electric Paintbrush. With over two years of dedicated experience in the industry, CJ has honed his skills in finer line tattooing, aiming to carve out his distinctive niche in the realm of ink artistry. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, CJ approaches each tattoo with creativity and precision, ensuring that every piece he creates is not just a work of art, but a reflection of his unique style and artistic vision.


Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:60 GBP
About the Artist

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Get inked with a stunning scorpion design crafted in illustrative style by the talented artist Clayton Jeremiah.Elegant and intricate butterfly tattoo designed for dark skin tones, created with skillful fine line and illustrative techniques by Clayton Jeremiah.Get lost in the enchanting world of Clayton Jeremiah's illustrative mushroom tattoo design. Perfect for nature lovers!Check out this beautiful illustrative black and gray rose tattoo by Clayton Jeremiah, designed specifically for dark skin tones.Experience Clayton Jeremiah's stunning illustrative style with this intricate butterfly tattoo design.Capture the loyalty and strength of a bulldog with this stunning illustrative tattoo by Clayton Jeremiah.Capture the beauty of a rose with this illustrative tattoo by Clayton Jeremiah. Perfect for those who appreciate intricate details and artistic flair.Get a unique and playful bunny tattoo in the ignorant style by talented artist Clayton Jeremiah. Stand out from the crowd with this one-of-a-kind design!Bold and colorful illustrative tattoo of an apple held in a hand, created by Clayton Jeremiah.Get a beautifully detailed illustrative tattoo of the map of Africa by the talented Clayton Jeremiah.Experience the beauty of a timeless rose design brought to life in vivid illustration by tattoo artist Clayton Jeremiah. A stunning and unique piece for any tattoo enthusiast.
Beautiful rose tattoo by Clayton Jeremiah, featuring floral illustrative style. Perfect for arm placement.Get a unique and playful illustrative smiley face tattoo by the talented artist Clayton Jeremiah. Add some fun and positivity to your body art!Capture the intricacy of a spider with this illustrative tattoo by the talented artist Clayton Jeremiah. Perfect for spider lovers!Celebrate special moments with Clayton Jeremiah's exquisite lettering tattoo design of a significant date.Unique fine line trident tattoo by Clayton Jeremiah, a blend of simplicity and intricate details.Beautiful illustrative tattoo design featuring a butterfly and a lady, created by artist Clayton Jeremiah.Express your artistic side with this unique pencil tattoo. Ignite your creativity with Clayton's illustrative style.Experience the timeless artistry of illustrative traditional tattoos by the talented Clayton Jeremiah. Transform your body with intricate designs and bold lines.Captivating blend of intricate lettering and illustrative rose design by talented tattoo artist Clayton Jeremiah.Get a classic black and gray illustrative tattoo of a dog by the talented artist Clayton Jeremiah.Fine line tattoo of a granny, expertly done by Clayton Jeremiah. Capturing the essence of wisdom and love in a unique style.Enhance your skin with Clayton Jeremiah's unique fine line lettering style for a sophisticated tattoo design.
CJClayton Jeremiah
Clayton Jeremiah