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Chloe Hartland

Unkommon tattoo

This week


Hiya, I’m a junior artist based in Manchester at Un.Kommon tattoo studio in Salford Drop me a message with your ideas ! Thankyou :)



Hour rate:70 GBP
Min. rate:70 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Experience the beauty of fine lines and geometric patterns in this stunning snake tattoo by Chloe Hartland.Experience the radiant beauty of the sun in this fine-line, illustrative tattoo by Chloe Hartland. Dive into a world of serenity and warmth with this stunning design.Elegantly detailed black and gray hummingbird tattoo with intricate dotwork by Chloe Hartland.Illustrative tattoo of a dog plush toy, expertly executed by Chloe Hartland. Detailed fine line work brings this adorable motif to life.Elegantly crafted by Chloe Hartland, this fine line tattoo features a dainty flower motif in stunning dotwork style.Get inked with this charming fine line illustration by Chloe Hartland, featuring a cute elephant and teddy bear motif.Capture the beauty of space with this stunning fine line tattoo featuring a planet landscape by Chloe Hartland.Chloe Hartland's fine line tattoo captures a serene mountain scenery with intricate detail and delicate lines.Discover the elegance of small lettering with this delicate tattoo by Chloe Hartland. Perfect for a subtle and meaningful touch.Beautiful illustrative design by Chloe Hartland, featuring a intricate dotwork flower branch motif.
Experience the beauty of fine line art with this elegant flower tattoo design by the talented artist Chloe Hartland.An illustrative tattoo by Chloe Hartland featuring a cat surrounded by flowers, set in a whimsical garden with grass details.Illustrative tattoo by Chloe Hartland featuring a fine line design of a tarot card with the sun motif.Beautifully detailed bouquet of flowers, expertly crafted in fine line, illustrative style by Chloe Hartland.Experience the enchantment with this dainty and intricate fairy tattoo, expertly crafted by Chloe Hartland in fine line illustrative style.Elegant fine line tattoo of a beautiful flower bouquet by Chloe Hartland. Perfect for those who appreciate intricate designs.Get hauntingly good ink by Chloe Hartland with this illustrative design of a ghost under a floating sheet.Elegant and intricate, this fine line dotwork tattoo features a delicate rose motif, expertly done by tattoo artist Chloe Hartland.Get a minimalist yet impactful small lettering tattoo by Chloe Hartland. Perfect for those who love subtle and elegant ink art.Capture the beauty of the moon with delicate dotwork and small lettering by Chloe Hartland.
CHChloe Hartland
Chloe Hartland