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Designs Available

COColt Obst
Colt Obst
Neotraditional Leopard and white blossoms !! Perfect thigh piece available for tattooing Sly fox - Neotraditional fox with bouquets of flowers. Mulan - which face is your true face. Design available for tattooing You got a friend in me - woody and buddy tattoo design ! MessGe me for details Neotraditional Rose and Lady ! Perfect for forearm or thigh. Message me for details. Neotradtional rose and skull ! Available for tattooing. Message me how ! Follow me on instagram also @coltobst
Dead pool squid !! Who doesn’t like. Cute dead pool !! Available for tattooing ! Classic steam boat willie - Mickey Mouse black and white tattoo design available Ursula - beautiful Little Mermaid design available for tattooing Panther merts Neo Traditional !! Avaialble for design and tattooing Medusa ! Tattoo design available ! Message me for details. @coltobstSee no evil ! Neotraditional Skull and Rose available for tattooing. Tattoo design Designed by me. To use or get tattooed message me for details ! Follow me on Instagram as well. @coltobst